Candle rituals are a simple, powerful and very effective method for manifestation!

Learn advanced ritual techniques to steer your life in the right direction! 🕯

In this course, your instructor, Monica Bey will enlighten and bring forth an understanding to new and powerful ways to work with candles for manifestation! Monica Bey is an Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Manifestation & Metaphysics Expert!

This course is great for those who are new or advanced to candle rituals! Learn to pick the right candles, deities, create the proper mindset, magnify the power and momentum of your manifestations and all the skills needed to bring your desires to fruition!

BONUS!! You also get a resource guide full of great information and tips about candle rituals and how to know if they are working.

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Let’s Get Rapid Results To Your Intentions!



Included with this course is a pocket-sized crystal powered with Monica’s amazing healing energy that will assist you in becoming the best version of yourself on-the-go!

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