Are you ready to bring your power to the surface?

This is a transformation, where you will actually experience a 3rd eye activation and awakening, learn all about intuition, psychic ability, how it works and how to use it.

What You Can Expect

This is a 3-week, immersive experience that can bring your power to the surface! You will also learn what your personal psychic intuition looks like during a psychic strength assessment. The goal of this Master Class is to have you tapped into your ability and to have that ability magnified.

You can expect to gain:

  • 3rd eye awakening & activation
  • Customized psychic intuition guidance based on your strengths
  • Learn about psychic intuition, how it works within the body/mind/soul
  • Develop the skills necessary to tap into and strengthen your psychic intuition
  • Put your psychic intuition skills into practice and use it
  • Discover the power within yourself
  • Certification as a Level 1 Psychic Intuitive

This Master Class is suited for those on the beginner levels and intermediate levels. Modules are released a few days apart to allow you to properly pace your experience for best results. By the end of the Master Class, you will be putting all of this into practice and using your psychic ability and certified as a "Level 1 Psychic Intuitive."

In this Master Class, you will go through the following track:

Module 1 - Understanding Psychic Intuition & Psychic Tools

Module 2 - 3rd Eye Awakening and Activation

Module 3 - Psychic Strengths Assessment

Module 4 - Powerful: Putting it into Practice



Included with this Master Class is a pocket-sized crystal powered with Monica’s amazing healing energy that will assist you in becoming the best version of yourself on-the-go!

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