A School For The Spiritually Gifted
Ignite Your Light Within
You have gifts inside of you waiting to be unleashed! The world needs you to step into your purpose because your path is one of greatness. Let this moment be your most powerful step on that path. Are you ready to discover, change and grow together?

Embark on a journey of transformation and enlightenment with internationally known Energy Healer, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher, Monica Bey! Elevate your energy through intensive and unique courses that will propel you to reach your true potential. Join the movement of powerful game changers all over the world who have been taught by Monica Bey.



A School For The Spiritually Gifted
Here you will find courses and guided journeys covering areas of self-empowerment, transformation, healing, mysticism and metaphysics. Our goal is to help you discover and ignite your greatest potential so that you may live your dreams with power and purpose.
Hi there! We at Mystic University are always working hard to help you become even more powerful on your transformation journey! We continuously release new amazing content for you every month.

Below is a list of upcoming courses and other content, soon to be released
Working with Tarot
Crystal Grids (Beginner & Advanced)
Manifestation Your Way
Spiritual Protection
Intro to the Chakra System
Seeing Auras
Shamanic Journeying
Self-Healing Techniques
Mediumship (Advanced)
Design Your Life
Spiritual Warriorship
Development & Protection for Empaths
Psychic Meditation
Working with Deities
African Spirituality
Astral Travel


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Gifted Souls Community AccesS
• Access to participate in a bi-weekly live and interactive Zoom video call where you will have can ask questions and get advice directly from Monica Bey to help you even further on your journey

• Community interaction with other students within the same course
Mystic University was launched in April 2020 and since then has already caught on like wildfire with students from all over the world stepping more into their power and greatness! Mystic University was founded by Monica Bey, an internationally known Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher, with the mission of creating a powerful movement of Gifted Souls ignited to their purpose.

At Mystic University, we pride ourselves in providing the very best quality courses and other content in the areas of self-empowerment, transformation, healing, mysticism and metaphysics. Not only do we elevate your knowledge, but we also take you on a journey of growth and self-actualization. Our goal is for all of our students to step into their greatness and walk in their purpose, using their spiritual gifts to create positive change in the world. We don’t just create smart students; we create powerful game changers!
Get Ready To Ignite Your Light Within
About Monica Bey
The Healer in Heels®
After more than a decade of grit and hard work to climb from the bottom to the top of a publicly traded finance company, Monica Bey, walked away from it all to pursue a more meaningful, spiritual, and emotionally fulfilling career. She now spends her time helping thousands of people all over the world realize their purpose and true life path and ignite their light within. Born with many spiritual gifts, including (but not limited to) healing ability, psychic ability and energy manipulation, Monica has developed powerful techniques that transform lives at an astonishing speed. She is an expert in Metaphysics, Spiritual Evolution, Mysticism and Personal Transformation. In addition to her life-long mastership of these topics, she is also a Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist and Psychic Medium. In the media, Monica is known for her popular global podcast, ‘LifeMastery with Monica Bey,’ her tv/radio show, ‘Mystic Mondays’ on UI Media Network and her appearances on primetime networks such as FOX and Comcast.
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